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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), otherwise known as the Buckley Amendment, provides that there are certain rights of the student to have access to educational records. This form addresses only the records maintained in the Division of Student Financial Aid at Louisiana Tech University.

We have provided this form so that the STUDENT may authorize persons other than him /her self to personally, telephonically, or electronically make inquiries and receive information about federal financial aid pertaining to the student. Additionally, the STUDENT must provide the information requested below if the student wishes to make telephonic or electronic inquiries and receive individualized information from our office.

Please be aware that information will be provided to anyone who can provide the access code and the STUDENT'S social security number. Thus it is extremely important to restrict this code to only those persons who have a "need to know".

This code will be entered into the student financial aid system and will be used to allow or restrict access until the STUDENT either rescinds the authorization in writing to this office or provides a new access code which will immediately replace the one in force. If we do not have one on file, we will not be able to discuss financial aid data with anyone unless the student is present and allows access.

If the student has questions about this process, please inquire at the Financial Aid Office.

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